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Is your business under legal pressure from its creditors? Are you facing a cash flow crisis that could make your business insolvent? If your business is in financial trouble, it’s important that you take action and talk to a qualified insolvency expert as quickly as possible.

As specialists in insolvency, we’ve helped hundreds of UK businesses to take swift action and protect themselves during periods of creditor pressure or cash flow issues.

Our team of experienced professionals can help you learn about the most effective options for your business. We can provide personalized advice and help you to shield your company from legal action filed by creditors.

Many UK businesses face pressure from creditors every year. Although dealing with financial difficulties and insolvency can be stressful, it’s important to remember that there’s very often a path to recovery for your business.

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Common Business Problems & Services

We offer a complete range of services for companies under financial pressure. Depending on your company’s current financial situation, one or several of the services below may be most appropriate for your needs.

Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA)

Company Voluntary Arrangement, or CVA, allows your company to pay its creditors over an extended period in installments. In some circumstances, you may be able to write off some of the debt that your company needs to repay.

Proposing a CVA could be a good choice if your company is facing pressure from creditors and is at risk of being served with a winding-up petition. Our insolvency experts can propose a CVA on your behalf and, if successful, renegotiate your repayment terms with creditors.


Entering into administration protects your company from legal pressure from creditors while an administrator is appointed to run the company. Depending on your company’s current financial situation, the administration may result in a turnaround or company liquidation.

As specialists in insolvency procedures, we can assist with the entire administration process. If your company is viable, it may be possible to facilitate a turnaround and allow you to return as a company director.

Pre-pack Administration

Pre-pack administration allows for the sale of company assets before the company enters into the administration process. This provides continuity, allowing you and/or other directors to buy company assets at market value and continue trading via a new company.

The pre-pack administration process can be legally complex. As insolvency specialists, we can ensure a successful, compliant pre-pack administration process that allows for an efficient sale of company assets while satisfying creditors.

Turnaround Finance

If your company is under significant financial pressure, you may be able to raise capital using a form of turnaround financing and pay your creditors.

Turnaround financing includes options such as invoice factoring, invoice discounting and asset refinancing. Our business recovery specialists can help you to learn more about the turnaround financing options that are available to your company.


If your business owns assets with a significant value, such as equipment, property, or vehicles, you may be able to use asset refinancing to raise cash and pay creditors.

Not all companies can raise capital via asset refinancing. Our business recovery specialists can help you learn more about the refinancing options that are available to your company, as well as the amount that you may be able to access via refinancing.

Closing Down a Company

If you believe that it’s time to close down your company, a range of options are available. If your company is free of debt, you may be able to close via dissolution or using a members’ voluntary liquidation (MVL).

If your company is insolvent, you may be able to close it down through the creditors’ voluntary liquidation (CVL) process. Our insolvency specialists can help you learn more about the most suitable option for your company and assist with the closing down process.

Company Voluntary Dissolution

Dissolving your company allows you to close down your business at a lower cost than options such as members’ voluntary liquidation (MVL) or creditors’ voluntary liquidation (CVL).

Not all companies can close via the Company Voluntary dissolution process. As specialists in insolvency, our team can help you learn more about the dissolution process and, if suitable for your company, help you to legally dissolve your company and strike it off the register at Companies House.

Winding Up Petition

If your company is under significant pressure from its creditors, you may receive a winding-up petition. This is the most serious type of action a creditor can take against your company. If it’s successful, your company will be liquidated (or “wound up”) by the court.

It’s essential that you act as quickly as possible after you receive a winding-up petition from a creditor. As specialists in insolvency, we can help you to learn more about your legal options and take action to protect your company against legal action from its creditors.

HMRC Time to Pay (TTP) Arrangements

HM Revenue and Customs is the most common business creditor in the UK. If your company has fallen behind on its taxes, HMRC may take aggressive action to recover any funds that it’s owed, including taking legal action against your company.

If your company has VAT, PAYE or other tax arrears, you may be able to enter into a Time to Pay (TTP) arrangement with HMRC. As specialists in tax debts, our team can negotiate with HMRC on your behalf and help you to reach a mutually beneficial agreement.


If your company has borrowed money from a bank or other type of lender before 2003 and the loan involves a floating charge, it may be placed into receivership if it fails to pay its debts or is displaying signs of insolvency.

As insolvency specialists, we can help you to respond to legal action taken by a creditor if your company is at risk of receivership. You may be able to propose an alternative procedure or use financing to pay the creditor and avoid legal action.

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If your business is under legal pressure from a creditor, has debts to HMRC or is facing another type of financial issue like unable to pay Off Directors Loan AccountPAYEVAT, or Business Bounce Back Loan it’s important that you seek out expert advice and take action as soon as you can.

As insolvency and business recovery specialists, we can inform you about the best solutions for your company. We can also assist in negotiating with creditors, proposing solutions, and making sure your business is fully protected.

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